Colored Diamonds

Our lab grown colored diamonds come in an array of sparkling and brilliant hues. Colored diamonds make the perfect choice for a unique engagement ring, while our variety of precious metal options makes it easy to pair different diamond colors with the perfect setting. No matter which you choose, our full range of options can help you find the perfect diamond.


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Fancy Colored Diamonds 101

Clean Origin offers a variety of fancy colored diamonds.

How rare are natural fancy colored diamonds? Extremely rare! Fancy colored diamonds is priced based on their hues and fancy color saturation. A fancy color diamond appears when a the carbon atoms of a forming colorless diamond encounters an impurity. If you're looking for a colored diamond, your options include fancy yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, green diamonds, purple diamonds, brown diamonds, black diamonds, red diamonds, and many more. From light to dark diamonds, the options are limitless.

Diamond color varies based on chemistry. For example, a canary yellow diamond gets its color from nitrogen. When there's enough nitrogen in the stone, it becomes one of the fancy yellow diamonds we know and love. A similar process happens with blue diamonds. For this type of diamond, boron atoms have to enter colorless diamonds. Boron doesn't often interact with diamond crystal structure, which is why blue diamonds are so rare. This is also why blue natural diamonds, even with faint blue hues, sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Though a treated diamond is much less expensive than a natural diamond, a treated color diamond is often far too expensive for the average buyer.

Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

Many colored diamonds are lab-grown to give you perfect color saturation shades at a fraction of the cost of a natural color diamond. Lab-grown fancy colored diamonds have the exact same properties as treated or natural color diamonds. Also, the color appears much stronger in a lab-grown fancy colored diamond than in a mined colored diamond. This is because scientists have more control over the diamond's color and crystal structure in a lab. They can manipulate the different hues of its dominant color and secondary color, which combine to create the true color of a fancy intense diamond or fancy color diamond.

Lab-grown white diamonds are also more affordable than natural diamonds. As an added bonus, Clean Origin's lab-grown diamonds are 100% ethically-sourced. If you have your heart set on a yellow diamond engagement ring or dream of a pink diamond, this might be your sign to shop lab-grown for your dream ring!

Ring Metals for Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Color matters when you're buying a fancy colored diamond. That's why we offer the majority of our rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

The diamond color scale makes it easy to pair other colored diamonds with the perfect precious metals. Diamonds with warm hues like a yellow diamond, orange diamond, or pink diamond go best with yellow gold or rose gold. Cool diamonds, which can have a purple color, blue color, green color, or greenish blue color look beautiful with white gold and platinum metals.

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