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How to Shop for Engagement Rings

Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring? Many couples now go shopping for diamond engagement rings together. This ensures that whether you prefer a timeless piece or searching for more modern custom options, you will find the right ring to represent your love story.

Buying an engagement ring is a big step in your relationship and one that will create precious memories for the rest of your life. At Clean Origin, we are committed to giving you the best jewelry shopping experience, from our amazing products to our customer service. Our collection of lab grown diamond engagement rings is sure to wow your future bride.

Our lab created diamond engagement rings are made from 100% ethical diamonds that you can feel good about buying. Lab grown diamonds are the only way to ensure 100% that you are looking at ethically sourced engagement rings. Get the perfect ring well within your budget, and rest assured knowing you made a small difference in the world.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

As you look for the diamond engagement ring of your partner's dreams, start thinking about their style. What diamond shape would they prefer? Do they wear gold or silver jewelry more? How about rose gold vs. yellow gold? You can also ask friends and family what engagement rings they think your partner would like.

When you have some ideas on what to look for, start browsing different styles of engagement rings. It's easy to look for styles online to see what your options are, and the more you look, the more likely you will find the ideal engagement ring setting. Then you can begin narrowing down your choices.

Some people like to shop for the band first by choosing the design, the metal, and other features. Others may want to buy a diamond first to create a band that perfectly complements the diamond cut, diamond shape, and color they chose. No matter how you choose to refine your search, you end up with a beauty of a ring that will sparkle and shine.

Engagement Ring Styles

How will you know what engagement ring style is right for your partner? We have a guide to engagement ring styles that may help you narrow down what your partner would like to wear. You can personalize any selection to your liking. Nearly every ring is made to order.

Almost all of our offerings are custom engagement rings. Some of our custom options include choosing the ideal engagement ring setting. You may then peruse a variety of stone shapes for your custom ring, including marquise, oval, pear, emerald, or the ever-popular round stones. Next, you would focus on finding the perfect metal for your ring by choosing between rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. With these many options, you will find the perfect diamond engagement ring to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Shopping for engagement rings may be overwhelming. When trying to find the ideal engagement ring setting, you want to know the most popular types. Some of the primary settings are solitaire, halo, three-stone, classic, and vintage.

You can shop engagement rings in every style on all your devices at Clean Origin! It's easy to find the perfect engagement ring with our wide selection of choices.

How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

Many women wear both their engagement ring and wedding ring together. Traditionally women wear the wedding band inside their engagement ring because it is closer to the heart. Some people prefer bridal sets that match, so you can guarantee they will fit perfectly together. Before the wedding, you wear only your engagement ring and both after the wedding vows.

You can also choose to only wear your wedding band instead of both. Some women switch their engagement ring with the wedding band during the ceremony. This is also a popular option.

There are no rules on wearing diamond engagement rings, just traditions, so do whatever is most comfortable for you. In addition, many cultures have their own different customs about wearing engagement rings and wedding rings. It is perfectly acceptable to wear your rings however you please!

How to Clean Engagement Rings

Getting your ring cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year is good, but you may be wondering if you can clean your own ring at home. It is really simple to clean an engagement ring if you get dirt or makeup on it. It is best to use soap and water and not any harsh cleaning chemicals. You also want to avoid abrasives like baking soda or anything that could scratch the metal.

Pour some soap into hot water and soak your ring for about 30 minutes. Then, gently brush off any remaining debris and rinse it with water. Do this every couple of weeks or whenever necessary, and your ring will sparkle and shine.

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

There is no right or wrong answer for how much you should spend on an engagement ring. The old myth that you should spend three months' salary on an engagement ring is antiquated in today's society. Plus, when shopping for lab grown diamond engagement rings, you will save significant money over shopping for mined diamonds. Different stone shapes can save you money if you know what you are looking for. For example, shopping for emerald shaped diamonds will help you stay on budget.

A typical engagement ring band can cost from $250 to $2000 with an average of around $1000. A typical one carat diamond may cost from $2000 - $10,000. Price heavily depends on diamond quality, including cut, color, clarity, and the size or carat weight. If you have more questions on how to get more bling for your budget, schedule a virtual appointment today, and our diamond experts will walk you through how to shop engagement rings step by step.

It is up to you how much you want to spend on an engagement ring. But if you want to know more about how engagement rings are priced, check out our diamond buying guide to see how to get a stunning diamond for the best value.

If you want to save some money on an engagement ring, consider buying a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamond rings have real diamonds but are more affordable and ethical than mined diamonds. You can get higher quality or bigger lab grown diamonds at a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds.

What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger (or ring finger) of the left hand. This dates back to the ancient Roman idea that a vein runs from the ring finger on the left hand to the heart. They named it the "vein of love, " so people wore their engagement rings on their left-hand ring finger to be closest to their heart. This idea has since been proven false but is very romantic.

Nowadays, people have followed that tradition, and the left-hand ring finger has remained the finger that the engagement and wedding ring goes on.

Do You Need Help Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring?

We know it may be stressful looking for the perfect jewelry to signify forever with your partner. That's why Clean Origin makes it easy with custom options to make your own engagement ring exactly how you want it. We have sections where you can shop by style, shop by diamond shape, shop by metal, and more features.

Need help shopping for diamond engagement rings? You can schedule a virtual appointment with our diamond experts. As a company, we have well over a century of diamond experience and only sell ethically sourced engagement rings. We will help you find the perfect lab grown diamond engagement ring for you. Taking the time to talk with a jewelry consultant will set your mind at ease during this stressful process. Your perfect ring is just one or two clicks away!

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