The percentage of bright

white light returned to your eye.


The percentage of bright colored

light returned to your eye.


The number of light points

and how they change.

Ideal in Every Way

Unlike other diamonds which are cut too shallow or too deep, Ideal Love diamonds are cut with absolute precision to reflect nearly 100% of the light that enters them. Their mathematically “ideal” proportions allow light to shine from up to 58 facets, creating unparalleled sparkle. Simply put, no other diamond sparkles quite like an Ideal Love diamond.

Additionally, Ideal Love diamonds are known for another special characteristic—the iconic symbols of love displayed as facets. Hearts can be seen at the crown of every Ideal Love diamond, while arrows shoot out from the pavilion.

Tried, True and Trusted

Every Ideal Love diamond is independently graded and certified by not one but two of the world’s largest and most respected gemological laboratories. To ensure the accuracy of our "Triple Very High" scores in all three light performance ratings and quality, with its certificate from the IGI, International Gemological Laboratory, and with its unique Light Performance Certificate from GemEx® Systems.

GemEx® Certified

Additionally, every Ideal Love Lab-Created diamond comes with an online GemEx® Live Report, where you can view an interactive version of a diamond’s GemEx® certificate at any time. This means you can see a side-by-side comparison of the dramatic fire, sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds you are considering from wherever you are.

IGI Certification

A world leader in gemstone assessment, diamond grading and consumer confidence, the International Gemological Institute is one of the largest organizations of its kind and certifies that your Ideal Love diamond achieves a level of "excellence" in symmetry and proportion.

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