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How Much Is a Diamond Necklace?

The perfect diamond necklace will be a staple in your fine jewelry collection. There is nothing more classic and stunning than a high-quality diamond necklace, and our lab-created diamonds offer you an array of beautiful diamond necklaces at no extra cost to the planet. Buy lab-grown diamonds you can feel good about owning now and forever.

The price of a diamond necklace can vary immensely depending on the diamond's grade, setting material, and any accompanying gemstones. They can run from $500 to even upwards of $36,000. Being aware of the varying prices of diamond cuts, such as how a princess cut might on average run higher than a marquise cut diamond, will definitely help you find fair prices.

Choosing lab-created diamonds is another way to ensure that you can get a fabulous diamond with a far lower price tag. You can be a beautiful icon sporting a gorgeous chain, with an ideal cut diamond for a fraction of the cost, as well as opt into ethical diamond practices when you buy our lab-created diamonds. No compromises, just enjoying your moment to shop, in-store or online.

Are There Styles of Diamond Necklaces?

Absolutely! The combination of precious metals and beautifully cut and polished diamonds to produce new styles of necklaces is virtually endless. Whether you are seeking a dainty choker or a stunning 22-carat tennis necklace, purchasing a diamond necklace can be daunting. It can be tough to be a customer, sorting through collection after collection, until you have a chance to gain some diamond education.

We understand that struggle and work to keep you informed so that you can make an educated choice and get what you love. Rather than obscure our diamond value and sourcing practices, we know that transparency and thoughtful sourcing will only make our diamonds more meaningful.

How to Find the Right Diamond Necklace

The best way to find the right necklace is to search often, view your diamonds in person or over virtual appointments, and trust the store you decide to purchase from. If they do things like 100 Day Free Return Shipping, have at least one customizable collection in terms of metal or diamond settings, or offer you the ability to filter your search online by your specific needs, they might be a great place to shop!

Definitely look at your beloved's personal style if you are shopping for them. You are probably shopping for a fashion necklace, so match the metal to their personal favorite, whether it's yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum (sterling silver is not recommended for fine jewelry.) Tag similar items they seem to wear often or look at, in more general terms check and see if they have a ring or bracelet they really love and choose something with a similar style.

If you'd like one on one assistance, contact us today to set up a virtual appointment with a Clean Origin jewelry consultant who can help you choose the perfect jewelry for you. If you are in Texas you may even be able to schedule a store pickup today.

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