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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Pendant

Browse our ethically lab-grown diamond pendants to accentuate your neckline. These pendants are 100% real and 100% gorgeous. These diamond pendants are bound to sparkle and last with excellent quality and clarity. Shop our lab-created diamond pendants today. They make for a gift you can always feel good about giving.

When choosing a diamond pendant, the diamond you choose is crucial. A pendant catches attention and is on display for all to see. The higher the quality diamond, the more attention it will draw. The three most important things to consider when choosing a diamond pendant are shape, brilliance, and style.

Choose the Perfect Shape

The diamond shape is crucial to the overall look and feel of the diamond pendant. There are many different shapes and cuts to choose from, and each brings something different to the table. Most importantly, no matter the shape you choose, the quality is what matters in the end.

Round Diamond - The round diamond is the most popular and the most brilliant. It has the best cut that provides ample reflection of light. This provides the perfect classic dazzling look. In a diamond pendant, you can pair a round diamond with many different pendants. The options are nearly endless.

Oval Diamond - The oval diamond has a classic, chic look. The diamond shape keeps coming back into style as it provides excellent brilliance while providing a unique twist on the round diamond. It can even have an elongating effect on the right pendant, as seen in our Oval Halo 3 Stone Drop Pendant.

Pear Diamond - The pear, also known as a teardrop diamond, has a highly sophisticated style. It is a wonderfully elegant diamond that is sure to catch some attention, as seen in our Pear Halo 3 Stone Drop Pendant.

Emerald Diamond - The emerald diamond gives a retro-era vintage look to any diamond jewelry. It boasts of personality and style while still promoting elegance and glamor. 

Cushion Diamond - The cushion diamond is a highly romantic diamond shape with hints of a vintage feel. The cushion-cut diamond offers a subtle and elegant sparkle.

Clean Origin’s Collection of Diamond Necklaces

There are many questions about what benefits and features to look for when choosing the perfect necklace. Do you want yellow gold or a silver-colored metal like white gold? What carat size will look best? When deciding between styles, consider the many benefits of buying from a website vs. in a store.

Solitaire Diamond Pendants

Solitaire pendants are some of the most classic and popular options, as they are simple and the most customizable. Check out our solitaires, including our Soho emerald and pink solitaire.

Halo Diamond Pendants

These necklaces add some sparkle to your neckline as the smaller diamonds encircling the main diamond draw more attention. If this seems like a fit, check out some of the halo necklaces in the collection, including the floral halo or delicate halo!

Three Stone Diamond Pendants

Explore these diamond pendants and many more lab-grown diamond options to find your perfect match. If you are looking for even more finely crafted jewelry, check out our selection of diamond stud earrings.

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