Perfect Fit Collection

Designed with ergonomic comfort in mind, this collection features sculpted sides for a natural fit.

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Patented Design for Elegance and Comfort

The Perfect Fit collection was created with comfort at the forefront of design. This advanced, ergonomically crafted style features sculpted sides that allow the ring to sit comfortably flush between your middle and pinky fingers, removing bulk and allowing for a natural and comfortable fit. This unique, contoured design is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle or tend to work with their hands.

The Perfect Fit Collection is also designed to keep your ring in place and diamond at the top of your finger. In addition to the contoured sides, the patented design allows for additional weight at the back of the band, balancing the diamond and keeping your ring from spinning on the finger so it never falls out of place. This is especially helpful for larger center diamonds and halos.

Benefits of Machine Set Rings

The Perfect Fit Collection is also part of the Machine Set family.

Machine setting is a jewelry craft that results in a product of the highest quality made for a lifetime of wear. The production method creates a denser gold or platinum, which makes for a more durable product that is scratch resistant and will retain its shine longer than traditionally casted jewelry. This makes it a fantastic choice for those who never want to take their ring off!

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